July 12, 2014 - Juxtaposition

 Looks like a normal fridge to me!

Looks like a normal fridge to me!


I've often felt that one of the more interesting aspects of life is the constant juxtaposition of good and bad, happy and sad; Whether it's an event, an emotion, a relationship or even the weather, we're frequently being asked to flip flop from one position to another.  I think it's one of the options that life offers us to be really aware, to live in the moment.

Yesterday, Bella and I were up and about early and I was singing "Oh what a beautiful morning" from Oklahoma.  Today we got to sleep in a bit, til 8:00 AM.  The day here in Geneva is grey and cloudy and incredibly humid.  I wished I'd turned the A/C on last night...  As we set out for our walk, I said, "We probably need to hurry this morning, Belle.  (Yes, I talk to my dog.  Don't you?)  It looks like its going to rain."  

Less than 5 minutes into the walk, sure enough, the skies opened up and it started to pour.  We tried to rush back home (leather sandals, body lotion and rain don't make for an easy fast pace).  We were drenched; both looking like we just got out of the shower.  Quite a difference from yesterday.

As I sit here writing, I'm remembering yesterday.  I know that I appreciate beautiful mornings like yesterday more because of mornings like today.  That's true with everything in life.  I appreciate the great burger that someone else grills for me more because I've been making myself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for so many nights.  I've learned to recognize the good and true relationships in my life when I've experience someone who seems to always let me down because they are thinking so much of themselves.  One of the better ways of learning is contrasting and comparing.  The many juxtapositions that life throws at us provide opportunities for reflection, understanding, appreciation and gratitude for all truly blesses our days.