June 25, 2014 - Why this? Why now?

As I am beginning to spread the news about do-over.me, I am being met with lots of encouragement.  Most of the people that I speak with easily understand the concept and agree wholeheartedly that a support center like do-over.me is needed; in fact, would be a life saver for some people. 

Some however, ask, why this; why now.  Simple.  I saw a need.

I have learned from the  lessons in my life over the years and the lessons I've learned in listening to people's stories through the years.  I came to the realization that although we often recognize that we make mistakes, it can also be very difficult to move past the mistake.  It takes courage to move into the unknown.  It's never easy.  It always helps to have support.

That's where do-over.me comes in.  We can offer a variety of different kinds of support that will allow people who are stuck to find the courage to move forward.

Everything that I have done in my life has brought me to this point and the creation of do-over.me.  It is my hope that we can spread the word about this new and different kind of resource so that we can make a positive  impact on people's lives.

Will you help me to do that?