It's Giving Tuesday!

Today marks a day of giving back.  Personally, I think we'd all be better off with more days like this and less Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.  But, that's a different post.

As you consider what gift you might make today, I'd like to ask you to take a minute to consider  We are a new Illinois 501(C)(3) not-for-profit corporation that was founded just this year in March.  We have moved very quickly in getting our 501(c)(3) status and setting up shop at 1141 Commerce Drive in Geneva.  We are celebrating with a ribbon cutting on Friday, December 5 at 12:00 noon.  

During most of this time, we have actively been working with clients.  We have some success stories already on the books – Mary E, Charlotte C, Omar M, John M, Lisa S and Jerry B.  You can read about these individuals at When Pigs Fly - Our Success Stories.  In addition, since we opened our new office on November 3 at 1141 Commerce Drive in Geneva, 94 people have walked through our doors.  We are already making a difference in people's lives.  

As the holiday season settles in around us, here at we are planning programming for 2015 that will continue to grow our mission of supporting people during life's transitions and helping them to face change with joy.  We want to stay on this roll and continue to reach out to support even more people.

Are you able to make even a small donation?  Every little bit helps.

·       $10 buys a ream of copier paper or a box of Keurig cups.

·       $25 will buy a lot of paper towels and toilet paper.

·       $50 pays the phone bill for a month, or the insurance.

·       $150 pay for one scholarship client to participate for one year.

·       $300 buys a new computer for our volunteers to use.

 Stuff helps too!  We still need a new or slightly used

·       Dust Buster

·       Black Office Chair on wheels

·       Waste Baskets

·       Bulletin Boards

·       Folding Tables - Walmart has a great one for only $38!

·       We'd love a flat screen TV so we can start Talkin' w/ TED programming.

As a start-up, most everything we have has been donated or purchased from a second-hand store.  We are all volunteering our time and efforts right now.  We are planning on doing some grant writing soon (If you have talents in that direction, please let us know.), but that money will take a while to trickle in.

We have received just over $1200 in donations thus far from ordinary, everyday people like you.  You will be the ones who will help us as we move through our first year.

Will you help?