The Season of WOW - December 16, 2014

Today I am grateful for...

...Hanukkah, which begins tonight at sundown.  This traditional Jewish winter holiday celebration tells the story of the fight for religious freedom.  As the Jewish people reclaimed their temple they found only enough holy oil to keep the perpetual candle burning for one day.  With faith, they lit the candle and prayed.  Miraculously it burned for eight days, just enough time for the rabbis to consecrat more holy oil.

...gelt...the Hebrew word for money.  To celebrate their victory, the Jewish people minted new coins.  A tradition was born to share money as a gift during the eight days of celebration.  Somewhere along the way, someone decided to make chocolate gelt.  Now that was a great idea!


...latkes...potato pancakes...the traditional food of Hanukkah.  They are delicious!

I am blessed.  You are too.