Attitudes of Gratitude - November 19, 2014

Today I am grateful for...

...the gift of unconditional love.  I was a planned baby; not only firstborn, but also the first to both sets of grandparents.   My life has always been shaped by the unconditional love that first my parents, and then for so many years, my mom alone (my dad died when I was 14) showed me.

...the gift of acceptance.  I've always had a tribe to fit into. School friends, business colleagues, adult relationships, there has always been a place where I was accepted.

...the gift of safety.  Although challenged many times over the course of the years, I've never doubted by ability to survive.  I've felt safe in my own skin and able to make my way confidently along life's path.

...nature and nurture.  I was gifted with a good gene pool and also a series of healthy, stable love filled environments.

...the next generation, my daughter, Kate.  It is because of the gifts that I have received, that I was able to give them to her.

Mom, Kate and me - 2009

Mom, Kate and me - 2009

I am blessed.  You are too.