Attitudes of Gratitude - October 21, 2014

Today I am grateful for...

...surprise phone calls from past clients who have achieved their goals!  Thank you Jerry B. for making my day. 

...the ability to guide and influence my own destiny.

...the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives.

You too can make a difference in people's live by choosing NOW to participate in the National Make a Difference Day this Saturday, October 25!  For more information on how you can support check out our blog from yesterday, October 20. 

How can you help?  Some of our funds will come from the clients that we work with; some from government and private foundation grants.  Some will come from ordinary people like you; people who believe in the concept of and who are willing and able to be generous with their assets, because life has been generous with you.

As we begin this journey, we are asking for your help in taking the first steps.  Speaking engagements with requests for support are beginning to fill the calender.  We are applying for grants.  Those activities will take time to build.  We need to support clients now.

Your generous support of even a small amount will make a difference now.  We need paper and ink to pay for handouts.  Will you help?  It’s easy to make a donation! 

I am blessed.  You are too!