Remembering Gratitude

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At, we begin most meetings and discussions by sharing something we are grateful for. Yes, we help people find jobs. Many ask, “So what;s with the gratitude thing?”

Here, are The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude from someone much smarter than me.

This is the time of year many of us take stock of what we're grateful for. The good news is that there are both mental and physical health benefits to this practice. [READ MORE]

Our Success Stories

“I learned that I already possessed the skills to have a successful interview but I lacked the confidence." #mydoovermestory

 This is a quote from a success story. In becoming a member of, this individual was able to gain the confidence they needed to achieve their goal of finding meaningful employment. is an organization that serves the unemployed, underemployed, and unhappily employed. Next Tuesday we are participating in an extraordinary day: #ILGive 2018. #ILGive is a digital fundraising day that spotlights nonprofits state-wide.

 Your donations will benefit many areas of our organization including our members. Our members are an integral part of our organization. They keep our organization busy and bustling. As you can see from the quote, not only do we help individuals explore and finalize their employment, but we also teach them to enhance their inherent skills and strengths to feel more confident in themselves. With your donation, we will be able to supplement members who are not able to pay for their services. Your donation will also help us reach out to potential members. is always looking to expand our tribe. and our members need your help! Please donate today!