What have you got to give?  Everyone is blessed with some talent.  Don't you want to pay it forward?

Everyone who shares in the resources of our TRIBE will be asked to PaY-iT-FoRWaRD in some way.  This allows everyone to contribute to the continued success of the TRIBE.

Volunteer your time. Donate your resources.  At a not-for-profit, there are always things that need to be done and additional assets that could be added to the mix.   

Need some ideas?  Perhaps you play an instrument and/or sing, could you perform at a coffeehouse or you're a great painter, could you help decorate our space?  Perhaps you'd like to facilitate a book discussion group or a TED talk review, be a mentor for someone else who is struggling to come to terms with a challenge that is familiar to you.

Money is but one currency that is valued here.  We also value your time and your talents.  You can contribute to the future success of and the people we serve but donating any of the three.

As you enjoy the support of the services of that make sense for you and are able to move forward on your chosen path as a result, we'll ask you if it's time to think about paying it forward.  Then together, we'll choose the best way for you to make that happen.