For Laughs...

Eight golden retriever puppies discover water for the first time.  A must see.

Pharrell Williams reminds us to Be Happy!

2 Minute Follow Along Mindful Tai-Chi Practice with Robert Rivest. Start your day with a smile. 

Just keep trying...

Laughter Yoga

French Bulldog Puppy discovers door stopper -


For Learning...

MOOC List” is an aggregator (directory) of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from different providers.

For Information on why IMPROV is an important tools for everyone, including business people, go to:

Why to Sell is Human by Dan Pink

Ruth Chan on Hard Choices

There’s increasingly more evidence that suggests that businesses, who are in business to measure things, usually the bottom line, are in fact, measuring the wrong things.  Can we sustain ourselves going down this path?  Can we modify our purposes slightly by redefining success to include happiness?  Watch what hotelier Chip Conley thinks and then let me know what you think.


Stepping OUT of Your Comfort Zone - What's the worst that could happen?

Blake Grigsby is my HeRo!  Check this out!  The Mistletoe Kissing Contraption. Dare you!!!

From Jim Carry, Secrets to Life - Very worthwhile listening, from, for me, an unlikely source.  Just goes to show that it pays to be open to all the ways messages can be delivered.

Calling out Compliments - Check out this YouTube video created by Claire and Maggie T. from Nashville, TN. Claire is a high school student looking for a summer job. Maggie, the videographer is just graduating from eighth grade. They are clever, smart, talented, personable and most importantly, fearless. They are stepping out of their comfort zone to "market" Claire in a creative and eye catching way!

Kiss Me Prank

Kiss me.  I'm desperate.


For Motivation

Shelene Bryan, author of Love, Skip, Jump

Hold onto your seat, don't blink your eyes for a second!This is amazing; seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction.He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes.  He took pictures from the internet, added the track “Mind Heist” by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Interception)and then he got something like this.

Thai Commercial - We should have more like this.