Mary Z

"Without you I would still be sitting in a dark basement binge watching Netflix!”

“Cynthia Wade is a natural coach and facilitator. She listened, observed both my verbal statements and nonverbal cues then illuminated my path. I found myself back at ground zero professionally and she provided simple tools designed to answer the questions: what do I really want to do and what's truly important to me. My journey became less intimidating with her support and her focus on accountability. Sharing her experience as an executive level recruiter with me was invaluable during my process as she has incredible insight to current practices and trends. I love being able to share my experience with my circle and would strongly encourage anyone in a state of flux to reach out and get her in your corner." #mydoovermestory


Mary E. 

"I learned that I already possessed the skills to have a successful interview but I lacked the confidence." #mydooverstory

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Zach K.

“do-over.me is so much more than a career center, it’s a friendship and mentorship program. do-over.me gave me the confidence to go out and pursue my dream career.” #mydoovermestory


Ernie M. 

“In addition to very insightful understanding and thought provoking questions that really helped me clarify how I wanted to redefine myself and what I wanted to do and say about my future… that the prices were so reasonable was a great benefit.” #mydoovermestory


Cynthia and Bella, the do-over.dog

"In the summer of 2013, I experienced several challenges – major surgery, a sixtieth birthday, unexpected job loss, and empty-nesting.As a single mom for over twenty years, I was no stranger to facing down challenges.This was different.I sunk into a very deep depression that included self medicating with food and alcohol and even suicidal thoughts.I struggled hard to pull myself through it." #mydoovermestory


Kimberly G. 

"I can honestly say, the experience was life changing. I don't think I'd be going so far out of my comfort zone--starting a new career, moving to a new state and taking a chance on my relationship--if it weren't for the confidence I gained in these workshops!" #mydoovermestory


Marcela A.

“I discovered do-over.me at a time when I was really at a loss as to how to navigate the job search process here in the states. It was especially challenging because I was trying to re-purpose my skills into a new career. do-over.me helped me discover what I really was good at and how to apply it to a number of different careers. All of a sudden I had options.” Cynthia #mydoovermestory