Mary E. 

"I learned that I already possessed the skills to have a successful interview but I lacked the confidence." #mydooverstory

when pigs fly 4.jpg

Success comes when PIGs fly!

We chose flying pigs to represent our successes because they are a light-hearted and fun way to remind ourselves that success is always possible. #mydooverstory 


"I walked into the doors of do-over.me not exactly knowing what to expect.do-over.me inspired me to stop saying 'maybe someday' and refocused me to say 'why not now?'" #mydoovermestory


Ernie M. 

“In addition to very insightful understanding and thought provoking questions that really helped me clarify how I wanted to redefine myself and what I wanted to do and say about my future… that the prices were so reasonable was a great benefit.” #mydoovermestory


Cynthia and Bella, the do-over.dog

"In the summer of 2013, I experienced several challenges – major surgery, a sixtieth birthday, unexpected job loss, and empty-nesting.As a single mom for over twenty years, I was no stranger to facing down challenges.This was different.I sunk into a very deep depression that included self medicating with food and alcohol and even suicidal thoughts.I struggled hard to pull myself through it." #mydoovermestory


Kimberly G. 

"I can honestly say, the experience was life changing. I don't think I'd be going so far out of my comfort zone--starting a new career, moving to a new state and taking a chance on my relationship--if it weren't for the confidence I gained in these workshops!" #mydoovermestory


Daniel P

"do-over.me has helped me with my career.The progress I have made has been enormous." #mydoovermestory


Katherine S

"...encourages members to set realistic, measurable goals;  helps them break them down into concrete action steps... listens to members and serves as a nonjudgmental guide in their journey " #mydoovermestory