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Be the change. Volunteer and make a difference.  Right here.  Right now.

You can be a Guiding Light

Ignite someone's life.  Illuminate someone's path.  Show someone their potential.

Mission Statement:

The Guiding Lights program is an internal support network for our members which partners them with volunteers who act as “a friend, mentor, and advocate.” This unique relationship is designed  to help illuminate each member’s innate potential for positive change and provide practical tools that they can develop to use on their career/life journey.

Who is a "Guiding Light" and Why is it important?

A Guiding Light is a "Friend," a personal companion and a point of contact who will support our members on their do-over transformation.  As a trusted advisor, a Guiding Light will act as a "Mentor" helping guide our members through the do-over process. Most importantly, a Guiding Light will "advocate" by encouraging and representing the best interests of our members in our community.  


Guiding Lights represent the core values and concepts of by meeting our members where they are.  By adopting a "growth mindset," they can pass on their experiences to our members allowing them to learn, grow, and achieve success in today's fast-paced job market.  By offering our members "hope" Guiding Lights, light the way for members to learn to believe in themselves and move forward with confidence and "GRIT" guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity.   

Here is what our Foundational "Guiding Lights" have to say about their experiences . .

Courtney Powell, Self-employed Provider of Marriage Readiness Education

Courtney Powell

“We all need support in making a fresh start in some way at some point in life. From the moment I learned what do-over. me was about, I knew I wanted to be a part of the work of helping others make that fresh start.”


Michael Shoultz

I'm passionate about connecting with others along their growth journey. The process of working from our strengths, tapping into our potential, and living and working with greater intention is empowering for everyone.

Kim Byrne, Owner, KimberleeB Photography

Kimberlee Byrne

I was intrigued with the opportunity to be a touch-point to someone.   Having someone, outside of your family and immediate circle, you can reach out to with questions, concerns is a valuable asset.   

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