Interested in life long learning and growing?  We are too! offers lots of opportunities for all kinds of people to come together for all different kinds of reasons. You don't need to be unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed to take advantage of these offering.   These options will provide immediate and long term benefits to everyone who makes the commitment to participate.

Please visit our calendar for more details.  Here's a sampling.  Some things are weekly, some monthly, some quarterly.  If you don't find it on the calendar, contact us and ask.

IMPROV classes are offered in 4-week blocks designed to introduce you to the magic and merriment of this classic theater tool.  No experience required.  You'll laugh and you'll learn solid skills that will enhance your personal and professional life.

Lunch 'N Learn and Drink and Think are monthly opportunities to expose yourself to the trending concepts and language of TED speakers and NY Times bestselling authors via the Featured Book of the Month.  You don't even have to read it.

Talking with TED provides a chance to spend a short 18 minutes or so listening to a featured presenter and then exploring the ideas presented with others in a guided round table discussion.

Expanding Your Comfort Zone are special activities that are offered to invite you to do something you've never done before in a safe space surrounded by people who will support you and celebrate your efforts

Get Your Giggle Going offers opportunities to come together just for fun!  Adults have forgotten how to play.  Join us and we will remind you.

New Words to learn

Reasons to Laugh

Motivational Quotes

Longer Readings