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Pivot Points

A pivot can refer to many things - traditionally, the point of rotation in a lever system,  the center point of any rotational system, a kind of joint between bones in the body or a dance move.  In more contemporary parlance, a pivot is a change in direction.

At, PIVOT POINTS are radically simple, practical shifts that promote resiliency and forward movement.

For anyone in a transition, it's important to fail fast and fail often.  Then comes the important PIVOT POINT, the place where you make a shift and try again.  Pivots allow quick reactions that produce different results.  Pivots generate new information that leads to different results.  Knowing how to use pivot points effectively allows us to move more quickly through the process of failure to achieve success.

PIVOT POINTS involve a couple of things: being aware of available options, making a choice, taking an action and then choosing to pivot.  An individual who is adept at this skill can move through any process with greater ease and efficiency.

The key is always taking action.

In this group workshop, we'll regularly explore the options open to us, discuss our choices and hold each other accountable for taking the action to pivot.  It will be an opportunity to share and learn with each other as each moves forward toward their own self-defined successes.