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Butterfly Adoption Party

- partners with Butterflies Everywhere and Kimmer’s Ice Cream to host Butterfly Adoption Party 

This is a community event to build awareness of the challenges of transformation and the need for support.  Whether you’re a butterfly or a person, everyone deserves a do-over.  Monarch butterflies are losing their fight to migrate, reproduce and survive because their habitat is being killed off at a rate of acres per day.  Vicki Serrato of Butterflies Everywhere will provide a brief explanation of the plight of monarch butterflies and why raising healthy butterflies and ensuring the right food for them is critical for their survival.  Cynthia Wade will provide some information on how adults in transition can be supported by the programs offered through, a Geneva based 501(c)(3) NFP .

Children and adults who adopt a butterfly will receive an adoption certificate and will have the opportunity to make a wish and release their very own butterfly into the world.  They will learn how to track the general migration through the central US to Mexico.  Everyone will enjoy Kimmer’s Ice Cream Sandwishes!  And there will be a coloring contest for the children.   The cost to participate in this event is $25.  Participants must register and pay in advance to ensure that there are sufficient butterflies and ice cream for everyone.  Please visit for more information and to register and pay.