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Please join us to learn all about

Who we are.  Why we were founded.  How we can support you.

Do you remember when you were a kid playing hoops or hopsotch with your friends?  Remember when you made a mistake, did something that you knew you could do better?  Do you remember calling do-over?

 Fast forward to your adult life.  How many times have you wished it were that easy to call do-over and get to try again?

 Well now it is!  Welcome to – supporting people to try again.  This is a cutting edge idea whose time is now. 

Join us to learn all about  The meeting will include a short presentation and an extensive Q&A session.  You'll hear about our history, learn about our success stories, and understand exactly how we can support YOU!

We believe in second chances. was created to serve the Fox River Valley community to help people who are dealing with any type of lifestyle transition.

“We help people who need to make changes in their lives due to a career change, death, divorce, empty nest, voluntary retirement or a health scare,” says Founder Cynthia Wade.

Wade met many people who were attempting to transition to something very different. The severity of the transition often paralyzed them with fear, she added.  “They were afraid to move forward because changes were going to have to be made that would change their life drastically,” Wade said.

Started six months ago, is designed to help people understand what happened and help them determine where to go next to achieve their dreams, Wade said.

Wade helped Barrington resident Mary Esposito with her interviewing skills. Esposito will be a teaching assistant this fall.

Esposito struggled with her interviewing skills, and Wade was able to improve her confidence with practice.

“We sat down and identified goals,” Esposito said. “After working a couple of weeks, I was able to go into an interview confident and without feeling nervous.”

Wade also was able to assist Spring Grove resident Jean-Pierre Moczalla who lost his job several weeks ago. Moczalla, who has an MBA in marketing, largely worked in sales. Wade since has helped guide Moczalla toward different career goals.

One-on-one coaching, resume writing assistance and improv classes are some of’s services.  Improv classes are important, she said.  “It is a fabulous opportunity to stay in the moment and leave their baggage at the door,” she said.

Having concluded a series of classes on laughter and play, Wade said that, as adults, it is important to continue to laugh.

“Everybody’s recipe for success is different,” Wade said, but works with the whole person, including spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive elements.

The organization is really unique because it addresses more than just the employment aspect, she said.  “We will be working on both career mapping and life mapping, which are two separate things,” Wade said.

She said helping people identify their natural gifts and turn that knowledge into a paid position is a big part of her mission.  “People will do their best work and be the most satisfied when they are using their natural gifts,” she said