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Dan Pink to speak at Aurora Univrsity

My favorite book of 2014 is To Sell is Human by Dan Pink.    In it, best-selling author Daniel Pink makes the case for the "new sales person" and further explains why now, everyone is in sales.  It is a breath of fresh air in a profession that has not always had a good rap.  It is must reading for everyone, especially entrepreneurs and those who make their living in sales. 

Dan Pink is speaking at Aurora University today at 7:30 PM on "How Smart Organizations Are Rethinking Innovation.

"Innovation is no longer anyone's job.  Today it's everyone's job.  In this entertaining and provocative presentation, best selling author Daniel Pink explains which environments promote innovation - and which ones suffocate it."

This is a FREE event support by the Vernon H. Haasse Lectureship and the Dunham Fund.  To register for this free event, email, visit or call 630-844-4924

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