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Lunch 'N Learn

Interested in the latest books and research related to business, personality and learning, but too busy to read them?   Please join this informal group meeting.  An experienced group facilitator will guide the discussion.  Handouts will be provided.  You don’t need to have read the book to participate. 


Give and Take: A Revolutionary Guide to Success or Why Helping Others Drives Your Success

By Adam Grant


"Nice guys finish last" is a common cliché, and it is often assumed that people who have a greater interest in helping others than in helping themselves end up as doormats. Friendly and likable, sure, but ultimately they are doomed to be professional and social losers. Grant proposes that we are missing out on the bigger picture. Certainly, Givers (who focus on creating more value than they get from others) can shoot themselves in the foot, professionally speaking. But they can also excel and become top tier performers.

Recognizing that Giving can be professionally dangerous, Grant provides a serious argument that it can also be powerful.  "Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success" provides information illuminating the differences between those Givers who fall to the bottom of the success hierarchy and those who rise to the top, so those readers who are not interested in simply "looking out for Number One" can improve their own likelihood of personal success.


Lunch 'n Learn is hosted at Arcedium Coffeehouse on Indiana Street in St. Charles, IL

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IMPROV: It's not just for laughs!
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