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Please join us to learn all about

Who we are.  Why we were founded.  How we can support you.

Do you remember when you were a kid playing hoops or hopsotch with your friends?  Remember when you made a mistake, did something that you knew you could do better?  Do you remember calling do-over?

 Fast forward to your adult life.  How many times have you wished it were that easy to call do-over and get to try again?

 Well now it is!  Welcome to – supporting people to try again.  This is a cutting edge idea whose time is now. 

Join us to learn all about  The meeting will include a short presentation and an extensive Q&A session.  You'll hear about our history, learn about our success stories, and understand exactly how we can support YOU!

We believe in second chances. was created to serve the Fox River Valley community to help people who are dealing with any type of lifestyle transition.

“We help people who need to make changes in their lives due to a career change, death, divorce, empty nest, voluntary retirement or a health scare,” says Founder Cynthia Wade.


This class will be limited to 20 people.  Please register NOW to ensure your seat.




Earlier Event: November 30