About Us

We realize how we must look in comparison with other career centers. Our logo and our colors are bright and happy. Our prices are affordable. What makes us better than the rest?

We know what we're doing. We were founded by an experienced recruiting and marketing professional. We have a team of seasoned experts to support you throughout your journey. 

We believe in humanity and the common good. The business world is already cutthroat and competitive. In America, we define ourselves by our work and professional careers. We wrap our identities in what we do, how much money we make, how fiscally successful we are, so what happens when you lose it all? Who is there for you when you don't believe in yourself? 

We are. Here at do-over.me, we believe that a person is so much more than what they do professionally. We don't discriminate. We believe nothing is impossible. Think of it this way: you get a chance to start again.

Everyone has a #doovermestory. What's yours? 




Cynthia K Wade

Founder and Managing Director


George A Tattersfield, 1948 - 2018

President Emeritus

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Kathy Kremen Underwood

Director, Treasurer/Secretary


Bradley R Lipman

Treasurer Emeritus

Marcela Avila

Director, Philanthropy