Ernie McH

    "I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the scope of resources that brought to bear as we worked on my "re-branding."  In addition to very insightful understanding and thought provoking questions that really helped me clarify how I wanted to redefine myself and what I wanted to do and say about my future, the staff at created a revised logo for me, a new business card and a revised website, and helped me rewrite my bio.  The work was done pleasantly, professionally and in a timely fashion.  That the prices were so reasonable was a great benefit.  I would highly recommend to support anyone making a professional transition.  They are well-versed in the options available and fully capable of providing a wide variety of kinds of support."

Brenda G

I walked into the doors of last summer, not exactly knowing what to expect. I was going through a major life transition. I had had a very successful 15 year career in advertising that came to a screeching halt.  One minute, I'm an ad guru.  The next, I am a shell of the person I used to be. It took me 3 years to start to piece my life back together.  The concept of "what's next?" started weighing on my mind. Then, as if the Universe had matched us, I saw a Facebook post for I met with Cynthia, attended a few Girl's Nights In, went through the First Things First program and what I found was that I had a creative side I was longing to tap into. One of the exercises she had us do was write about what our perfect day would look like and do you know what? Mine is completely attainable. I was inspired and in December I pulled out my magazines and glue sticks and put together a vision board of what I want my life to look like. Again, completely attainable. inspired me to stop saying "maybe someday" and refocused me to say "why not now?" I'm currently in the process of writing a book and see a brighter future ahead for myself. My career in advertising is over, but I have a lot of life left to live. Thanks to Cynthia and for helping me realize this. It's truly a unique offering and I am grateful to have found it.        

Dan and Sue S

"Thank you so much for the uplifting phone message the other day regarding Jonathan's upcoming interview. You made my husband and my night!  Jason may be calling you in the near future for advice on how to best add his summer internship to his resume.

Thank you again for guiding our boys on their job journeys."

Paul and Kate G

"I’m glad Paul got in touch with you last week. He is definitely feeling better about himself now that he is working. We’re very proud of the changes he’s making for himself. We sincerely thank you and for the consistent support you provided. It was invaluable and very therapeutic for him. He actually told me that you were more helpful than Dr. Rob (his clinical social worker)!
I happened to catch Cynthia Wade speaking to our local city council as she worked to spread the word about  I was struck by her confidence and persistence as she sought tangible support from council.  More than just impressed, I had a personal reason to be interested in the services of My 21-year old son who has a disability had been reeling from the loss of a job and lacked confidence and motivation to find another position. My son’s meetings with Cynthia were confidence-building and always ended with a Next Steps List to keep him on task. In addition to helping him prepare a resume, Cynthia regularly followed-up and stayed connected to make sure progress was being made. These supports and resources were what helped my son eventually get an interview and get hired for part-time work.  We are so grateful to Cynthia and her organization and plan to make use of other resources in the future."


Mary Z 

Senior Finance Leader combining accounting best practices to provide bottom line results

"Without you I would still be sitting in a dark basement binge watching Netflix!! 

Cynthia Wade is a natural coach and facilitator. She listened, observed both my verbal statements and nonverbal cues then illuminated my path. I found myself back at ground zero professionally and she provided simple tools designed to answer the questions: what do I really want to do and what's truly important to me.  My journey became less intimidating with her support and her focus on accountability. Sharing her experience as an executive level recruiter with me was invaluable during my process as she has incredible insight to current practices and trends. I love being able to share my experience with my circle and would strongly encourage anyone in a state of flux to reach out and get her in your corner."

Cheryln C

Registered School Nurse

"Thank you Cynthia for all your support last night. Thank you also for facilitating a book discussion on an evening when it would have been easy to stay home and watch the Cubs.😏  Your dedication to making a difference in the lives of others, shows.

Renae LeB

Degreed professional with experience in the Arts and Human Services

"In the time I spent at, Cynthia has helped me redefine my personal and profession skills in an effort to make myself more marketable for a positive and successful career change.  With a diverse work history, limited experience and an uncertain direction Cynthia quickly helped me to get my professional profile up to speed by polishing my resume, updating my linked in page and using it to my bennefit.

Cynthia also suggested a handful of meet-up groups to begin networking. I worked on my personal skills by attending some of the classes do offers such as the Improv class that builds on social skills as well as a support groups for women or for those who were also looking to change their professional direction.

do also gave me the opportunity to practice my interviewing skills and taught me the etiquette of thank you notes as well as negotiating a contract. Cynthia has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I found her advice to be frank and professional.  I would highly recommend working with Cynthia at do to anyone who is looking for professional improvement."

Jerry B

Account Manager at Entec Polymers

"Cynthia is a blessing. She has great discernment analyzing your current state as well as where you see your future. As she helps develop a plan for your goals Cynthia has amazing skills developing and communicating a specific strategy. I have and will recommend Cynthia to all that can use her coaching/communication abilities."

Daniel P

Marketing and PR Intern at JJR Marketing

"Cynthia Wade and have helped me with my career and life transition this past year. I met Cynthia at Talk of Town, Toastmasters Batavia Chapter in September 2014.  With her professional skillset, she has provided me with career tools to succeed in the work environment of the 21st century. In  addition, she has guided me to resources to help me with my lisp speech disorder by contacting an ear/throat doctor and speech therapist pro-bono. The progress I have made by working alongside her has been enormous, and all this could not be possible with all her time and effort. I highly recommend Cynthia and to everyone going trough a change in their life."

Kimberly G

Administrative Assistant at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Writer/Storyteller

"I am so excited! I SO recommend anyone trying this (IMPROV) out. Even though I worked in public relations and marketing, I was nervous when I first took the leap to try improv with Bill and Cynthia. I can honestly say, the experience was life changing. I don't think I'd be going so far out of my comfort zone - starting a new career, moving to a new state and taking a chance on my relationship - if it weren't for the confidence I gained in these workshops! I've learned to trust that I can react when life throws me something unexpected. I can't wait to come play again tonight before I go! Thank you Bill Russell and Cynthia K Wade!"



Financial Services Representative at Principal Financial Group

"Thank you for being a force for good in the world.  All of us going through the agony of unemployment need leaders like you in the community."


Richard O

Improv Change Agent. Spontaneous Team Building

"Cynthia is the center of a wheel that keeps rolling. Her spokes reach out and connect people to the positive momentum she creates. There's a lot of work behind all this. The people she helps may be in a tough spot, yet she guides with a firm hand and a belief that you work through something, not around it. Do Over is primed for success thanks to Cynthia's can-do attitude."


Jeff F

Senior Lender/Head of Underwriting Secure Investor Capital, Inc.

"I have known Cynthia for many years as a recruiter. Now she is doing the most amazing work helping adults in transition figure out what they really want to do via her programs at Do-Over.Me. I highly recommend Cynthia and Do-Over.Me to anyone who wants to explore their career path and what makes them tick."


Dave B

IT Strategy | IT Leadership | IT Management Professional | VP of IT | Director of IT

"Cynthia is a highly effective coach who understands that the success of any individual begins with their understanding of themselves and their unique talents. Cynthia is a dedicated professional and founder, President of the Board, and Managing Director at Do-Over.Me helping individuals to better see change as opportunity rather than a crisis and in overcoming life’s hurdles. Cynthia is an accomplished speaker, presenter, and facilitator with over 30 years experience. Cynthia provides the practical, emotional, and cognitive support in achievement of career transitions and realization of life goals. I am pleased to know Cynthia and able to highly recommend her as a competent and caring professional."


Jeff A

Arnold Consulting Group

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia in an advisory capacity with her new 501 (c) (3),, as well as a member of the Batavia Toastmasters Club and the Tri-City Business Network. 

She is the consummate professional with a wonderful humanistic and empathetic side that is so rare in today's business community and even society at large. She is also a very smart and effective businesswoman and I applaud her courage and vision in creating 

I would not hesitate to recommend Cynthia as a career coach, business coach or as a speaker. I have seen her make multiple presentations and she is a joy to watch and imparts excellent wisdom, to boot! You can't beat that combination."


Gina R

Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell Realtor

“Cynthia is a dynamic person and business woman, who is always on the cutting edge of current events and technology. She is a person whom I would confidently recommend to assist in coaching my friends or clients on how to stay relevant in today's workforce and how to remain a step ahead of the competition. I'm so excited for Cynthia's venture with her new non-profit organization, which is a support center for adults in transition caused by job change, divorce, death, a current move, retirement or empty nesting...etc, and I know without a doubt that it will be a success!”


John M

Sales and Marketing Profssional

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I would recommend Cynthia to anyone who is looking to re-evaluate their career. Cynthia truly cares and will dedicate her time to provide guidance. She is authentic and she will help you draw up a plan, so that your journey will not seem impossible.Do yourself a favor,! check it out!” July 28, 2014


Steven D

National Marketing Consultant

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Cynthia is a valued resource and was able to help me with her insightful knowledge in my approach to the job market. I was able to see quality results in my dealings with her. Cynthia also gave me a different perspective of my personal branding that allowed me to have more confidence. I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to maximize different and unique opportunities.It was a pleasure using her services. .” June 28, 2014

Brenda F

President, Brenda Fredrick Interior Design and Beyond Blinds

"I recently attended Cynthia’s Lunch and Learn at Arcedium Coffee in St. Charles. She reviewed the book “The Four Hour Workweek”.  The title really grabbed my attention, so I had to go.  In one hour and 15 minutes, Cynthia did an amazing job of giving us the highlights of the book and a great hand out.  Being a busy business owner, I have a list of books I want to read, but never get to most of them.  Cynthia did a great job of reviewing the book and keeping us on tract to finish in a timely manner. Can’t wait for the next one."


Andrew M

Office Manager at Fabbri Sausage Mfg Co

"As a career coach, Cynthia does more than make your resume compelling and effective. She asks you tough questions. She gets to know and understand you. She calls you before an interview and goes over each detail of the play-by-play like a coach before a championship boxing match. She does all this to evoke the very best you have to offer."



Lesley R

Experienced Presenter/Instructor/Fundraiser -- Yoga, Health & Wellness & Thriving with Cancer, Diabetes and Lymphedema

"Cynthia has helped me navigate the twists and turns of social media to connect to, promote and learn about new business opportunities.

She is easy to work with; never impatient or condescending. She encourages and explains everything is a way that each and every client can understand. She will take you as far as you want to go; as far as you are willing to go with her.

And best of all, if you still don't want to do it yourself, she'll do it for you. And, that is worth every penny.

I highlight recommend Cynthia as a strategic marketing expert in social media marketing. Her tips and techniques will benefit individuals in career transition and also owners of small businesses. Call her. You won't be disappointed."

Sheila C

Market Research /Customer Insights / Delivering Actionable Direction / Driving Growth / Expertise in CPG & Healthcare

"Cynthia KNOWS the job market, and how to help you make the most of yourself. Even though I have been a working professional for many years, Cynthia took me to school and taught me things I never even thought of."

NIck Manusos.jpg

Nick M

Hands-On Leader / Strategic Growth / Business Development / M&A / R&D / International Experience / Billion $ Companies

"Cynthia understands the dynamics and relationships between a resume and a Linked In profile. She is responsive, hard working and accurate. I enjoyed working with her. Regardless of your situation or where you are at in your career, Cynthia can help."


Deni W

Columnist, Radio talk show host

"I love my new found friends at my Improv class!  Cynthia is so amazing at helping us identify our strengths and work on our weaker side! She's a brilliant business woman! We all could go far with each other's help and encouragement! Bill is a great teacher and is a great coach! I love all of you!"

Pat Bannon, Inside Account Manager at Waste Management

"Cynthia will take the time to truly understand what it is that makes you valuable, and then help you put that in writing. In my case, I needed my resume to really convey the breadth of experience I knew I had, but was struggling to put on paper. The end result is a resume that I can proudly show to any potential employer, and a sense of confidence that my resume will get me noticed. I highly recommend Cynthia's service to anyone who would like to look their best. Cynthia will get you there."