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Specifically for Job Seekers - age 18 - 80

The needs of someone in career transition are similar to and different from those of individuals in other life transitions. Rest assured that at we offer you all the traditional support that most career centers do and more.

Specifically for College Students

WSJ: Nearly half of college graduates between ages 22 and 27 are unemployed or have jobs that don't use their degrees. The average debt load for the class of 2014 was $33,050, up from $21,975 in 2007

Unfortunately, many colleges really don't prepare their graduates with the real life tools that they need to get a job.  Do they even realize that resumes are on life-support?  If you don't have a strong LinkedIn profile and an active presence on the site, by the time you are a junior, you're behind the curve.  Do you even have a personal brand?  Are you actively promoting it?  Do you have a business card? Yes, before you get that job, not after.  Do you know how to effectively build a network that will grow as you and your career grow?  So many things to consider.  

Every college student, needs a career coach to help them understand and successfully navigate their career track.  At we can help.  We're poised to provide support for those in transition.  Yes, the transition from student to working professional.  

Much of what we offer can be done virtually.  So whether you are in the Chicago area or another part of the world, check us out.  You will be glad that you did.  

Specifically for Veterans

Permission granted for a do-over

We understand how tough it is to start over.  We all tend to get stuck when faced with changes and often fear moving forward toward the unknown.  Whatever it is that you are facing – it’s scary.We provide one-on one training, teaching and coaching, as well as personality testing, group workshops, discussions and accountability groups.  

What does it cost?  Now that you are home, let us serve you.  As a veteran, all of the services of are complimentary to you.