About Us

Everyone 16 and older is welcome to join do-over.me.  It is a place to laugh and learn. It is a safe place to share your challenges and get support in moving forward.  We offer a wide variety of different experiences designed to provide opportunities to expand your comfort zone and grow.  Each event we host will bring together people with a similar mindset who recognize that every day gives us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We all deserve a do-over.

Watch our calendar grow with activities that might interest you – like book discussions, writing groups, social sessions, networking.  Take time to giggle with GIRLS:  Get your Giggle Going.  Join us for adult non-performance IMPROV to improve your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.  With IMPROV you can learn to overcome social anxiety and fear of embarrassment and failure.  Choose to step out of your comfort zone at an event meant to Expand Your Comfort Zone.

We also offer practical workshops on topics such as creating a budget, managing your finances, understanding and using LinkedIn, using social media, navigating the current job market and setting realistic, achievable goals.

Most of our events happen at our facility at 1141 Commerce Drive in west suburban Geneva.  Sometimes there will be a moderate cost to cover our expenses.   Check out our Calendar of Events, our Blog and What People are Saying About Us.

Our Mission Statement

...is to promote growth and learning and provide support in the form of both hard and soft skills to individuals in critical life transitions that they find themselves unable to move through independently.


Our Vision

...is to create a tribe of people who see crisis as opportunity and change as a positive and necessary part of life. We want to enable everyone to embrace change joyfully and move forward in life so that they can live their best lives and contribute all they can to the communities they live in.