WSJ: Nearly half of college graduates between ages 22 and 27 are unemployed or have jobs that don't use their degrees. The average debt load for the class of 2014 was $33,050, up from $21,975 in 2007.

Unfortunately, many colleges really don't prepare their graduates with the real life tools that they need to get a job.  Do they even realize that resumes are on life-support?  If you don't have a strong LinkedIn profile and an active presence on the site, by the time you are a junior, you're behind the curve.  Do you even have a personal brand?  Are you actively promoting it?  Do you have a business card?  Yes, before you get that job, not after.  Do you know how to effectively build a network that will grow as you and your career grow?  So many things to consider.  

Every college student, needs a career coach to help them understand and successfully navigate their career track.  At we can help.  We're poised to provide support for those in transition.  Yes, the transition from student to working professional.  

You've already spent a fortune on books and tuition.  Have you saved a bit for the most important tool?   A membership at will help you pull it all together and actually get that job you've been dreaming of.  Much of what we offer can be done virtually.  So whether you are in the Chicago area or another part of the world, check us out.  You will be glad that you did.  We'll help you stand out in a sea of mortar boards!


Partial List of Services

Initial Consultation

Orientation (First Things First Program)

Resume Writing

LinkedIn Profile Development

Writing Cover and Thank You Letters

Image and Presentation

Creating a Marketing Plan


One-on-one coaching

Accountability Partners/Groups

Video Taping of Interview


Here are some comments from students we've worked with.

Andrew Masters, Office Manager at Fabbri Sausage Mfg Co

"As a career coach, Cynthia does more than make your resume compelling and effective. She asks you tough questions. She gets to know and understand you. She calls you before an interview and goes over each detail of the play-by-play like a coach before a championship boxing match. She does all this to evoke the very best you have to offer."

Pat Bannon, Inside Account Manager at Waste Management

"Cynthia will take the time to truly understand what it is that makes you valuable, and then help you put that in writing. In my case, I needed my resume to really convey the breadth of experience I knew I had, but was struggling to put on paper. The end result is a resume that I can proudly show to any potential employer, and a sense of confidence that my resume will get me noticed. I highly recommend Cynthia's service to anyone who would like to look their best. Cynthia will get you there."

Timothy Lipman,Admission Counselor and Event Coordinator at Illinois Institute of Technology

I approached Cynthia for help with my resume and general career assistance. I recently graduated college and was having a hard time figuring out what to do. She was very helpful in talking with me on the phone and helping me to think about the future and what I can do to lay the ground work for my career. She took a look at my resume and made great suggestions that I implemented, after discussing how I wanted to market myself. After talking about career searching and improving my resume, I applied to many places. She helped me with the next step as well, by doing interview prep, such as what to expect at interview, and some really useful tips to use to make the best impression. At the end of this process, I was offered a full time job and I would like to say Cynthia definitely helped to make that a reality. She helped to prepare me for what would happen at each step in the process and what to expect, helping calm my nerves. I would definitely say Cynthia Wade is an expert in her field and is very friendly and helpful!l

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